World’s first 7/24 pole / hoop / silk practice studio!

Rudvilag Studio is the world’s first pole / hoop / silk practice studio located in Budapest (Hungary), which is open 7/24. In our studio, you can enjoy undisturbed and relaxed training, prepare for your next competition, teach your students in a flexible system, show your talent to your family or just let your favourite photographer make the best pole photos of you! Also, any other aerial instruments are welcome.

What we can offer?

- 7/24 opening time, so that you can come to us whenever you want to (even on public holidays)

- a simulated stage experience: 2 quality competition poles from one of the best pole manufacturers in the world (LupitPole), each with 4 m height and 45 mm diameter, made of stainless steel, 3 meters from each other

- in case you would teach a group class, we can offer you 5 LupitPole Pro poles.

- 75 minutes private time in our spacious studio for practicing, teaching

- hooks on the ceiling for your hoop, silk or aerial practice (or any other aerial instruments – poles can be removed during your practice)

- GymPole aerial pole for experiencing flying pole

- unlimited broadband Wi-Fi access

- snacks and fresh water, so that you will energy to train

- a crash mat, of course, for safe training

- a huge mirror to make your lines and moves perfect

- monkey bar and stretching equipments

- continuous assistance, in case you have a problem

You can rent our studio for

- competition training in real competition circumstances, whether it is pole, hoop, silk, acrobatics or flying pole

- private training or train with your buddies here

- your own privates or group classes

- an amazing photo shooting with lots of lights and a huge white background

- charming your partner with a private show

- filming

- dancing and yoga

- private parties

How much does it cost?

Private practice (75 min): HUF 2000
Practice with your friend(s) (75 min): HUF 2000 / person
Rent for private teaching (75 min): HUF 2000 / student (up to 3 persons)
Rent for private teaching (75 min, 3+ persons): HUF 6500
Private class (75 min): HUF 6500
5 session pass: HUF 9,000
10 session pass: HUF 18,000
10 session pass for the summer (between 1 June and 31 August): HUF 13,500
For persons not using the studio's equipment and accompanying a person who is practicing, entry is free.

Gift vouchers are also available!

For photo sessions, hen's parties, filming or any other purposes ask for our special quote.

Cancellations have to be made 12 hours in advance. In case of cancellation made in due time, you may choose another appointment, depending on our available spots. No refund for cancellations made within 12 hours.

You may enter the studio only at the beginning of your pre-booked practice session and you have to leave it when your practice time finishes. Pole have to be kept clean, so please clean them following your practice! Non-complying with this, you are obliged to pay additional HUF 500 / pole.

By entering our studio, you accept the rules contained herein.

Rudvilag Studio booking

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