"I'm always having stage-fright" - interview with Olga Trifonova

Brave, innocent, freaking young and very talented. Guess, who? Yes, it's her. Olga Trifonova. Interview made at PoleArt Italy, after her performance with Antonina Falco, Olga's sponsor from Pole & Me brand. We guess, nobody knows her better.

I was completely shocked after having seen Olga’s routine… whose idea was it?

The topic was found by Olga’s aunt. A lot of inspiration came from the works of Boris Eifman, Russian dancer and choreographer.

The story of Olga’s chore told : « God moulded out of clay a Man, and a piece of clay remained unused.

“What else do you want me to mould out for you?” God asked.

“Mould out happiness for me,” asked the Man.

God gave no answer, and only put the remained piece of clay into the Man’s hand… »

Olga’s choreography is about that. Just like the pipe-like textile which she is struggling with.

From a girl being only 13, this is a bit tough…

Olga is more matured mentally than one would believe. She always wants to get into the deep with what she does. Even when she’s not at the origin of the story, she always wants to feel and live every single emotion of it before performing in front of the audience. 

How much training does she need a week?

4 hours a day and 6 or 7 days per week. She used to practice in Trashdance, in Moscow. This 4 hours is only about pole - dance and other stuff comes thereafter.

Does she have time to go to school at all?

Well, when she is not abroad, then she’s is an ordinary student. The only difference is that she has to learn everything in advance when she is competing. But she is very well-disciplined, so always does her homework.

What about her parents and her family? What do they think about Olga’s hobby?

They’re very proud of her, and whenever they can, they join her for her trips and competitions. It was thanks to her aunt that Olga came to pole dance, she supported a lot her development. And her grandmother is her first and the biggest fan ever, she’s following all the news and events where Olga’s taking part. 

Of which she has many… Between her last two competitions (PoleArt Italy in Milano and Pole dance Championship in Prague) there was just one week of rest and she had to prepare two completely different routines.

How is it even possible to prepare for such a quick change?

I must admit, this has been a very busy season. Originally, she wanted to participate at PoleArt Italy. Then Alex Shchukin invited her to his competition in Prague. She was enthusiastic, and definitely wanted to go there too. In order to be prepared for both competitions, she had to practice both routines every day, with two different choreographers (she often works with different choreographers for different routines. For example, the Italian routine was prepared with a help of a well-known and extremely talented choreographer Vasya Kozar.)

So, she just could not allow herself to miss any of the routines at any training. Time pressure was really high. Obviously, it was very hard to do, however she is very concentrated mentally.

In my opinion, not only mentally, but also when it’s about emotions: just before she moved onto the stage, she looked like an ordinary girl, but when she stepped down, she seemed to be completely caught by the emotions linked to her routine. Also, as if one could notice some horror on her face…

Your observation is correct. Olga is very different from girls of her age. She’s a real genius, she can  transpose her emotions onto the stage. Actually, when her performance is finished, she might have looked a little bit frightened because was uncertain about whether the audience has understand the message of her routine. But the expression of her face changes very quickly when she sees that the routine is warmly welcomed.

So, does she have stage-fright at all?

Definitely. In my opinion, great artists all have stage-fright. Who doesn’t have it at all, doesn’t take the whole performance serious.

Well, she has tremendous time left… does she have any idea about what she would like to become when growing up?

Oh, this changes all the time! Sometimes she wants to become a dancer, sometimes a producer - we will see. At the moment nothing is certain.

Author: VE


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